PC, the most popular platform for Destiny 2 game

PC, the most popular platform for Destiny 2 game

It’s been a great week for Destiny 2, with the release of Shadowkeep and its debut as a free-to-play game, and all this hype has brought a lot of players both old and new. Although it is not surprising to see new player records since Destiny 2 became free, this release reorganized the platform hierarchy, making PC the most popular.

According to data provided by Charlemange, out of the total number of Destiny 2 players, Steam awarded a total of 41%. PlayStation 4 was in second place with 34% of all gamers, and Xbox One was behind only 25%. An archived version of the same statistics from July shows us that the PC version (then on Battle.net) had somewhere at 22% of the market, compared to the Xbox One (32%) and PS4 (46%) consoles.

One thing is clear to us, that the transfer to Steam of the game was a success. The Charlemange bot on Discord also gives us specific numbers. On October 8, Destiny 2 registered a total of 2.38 million players. Of which, 734,000 were on PS4, 600,000 on Xbox One, and the remaining one million on Steam.

With the launch of last week, Destiny 2 has reached just under the three big titles on Steam: CSGO, Dota 2 and PUBG and so far all the other titles in the top ten most played games on the platform have passed easily. As you know, there are rare situations where a game is so successful on Steam and even rarer are the situations where it stays in the top for a long time.

Meanwhile, Bungie lays the groundwork for Destiny’s future. They will bring us an update called Tower that seems to foresee some big changes and we can expect to see new releases in the future.

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