Critical Ops Cheats & Tips – For You in 2019

A few Critical Ops Cheats, Hacks & Tips to Help You in This Game

Critical Ops is a game developed by Critical Force Ltd. for iOS and Android platforms. The way it look and feels from a gameplay perspective makes him a good candidate for the ‘CS:GO Mobile‘ title. One thing that it shares with Counter Strike is how painful it can be to get used to it at the beginning. You will find lots of pro and better players than you. But with our Critical Ops cheats, hacks, tips and strategies, you will destroy your opponents not matter is they are bad or pro’s.

Critical Ops Cheats – The Basic Stuff

Take a look at your loadout – First check you loadout tab in the menu. There you’ll start to see the weapons you’ve got outfitted. You can only take one with you each time you play, so learning their stats is a good idea.

Find your own controls – You can go in the settings menu and change the position of the buttons. If you’re having any trouble controlling the character head there and tweak the things at your liking.

What mode to play? – It’s best to begin off with Deathmatch rather than Defuse. It’s an easier mode and a much better intro to the gameplay mechanics of Critical Ops. When you feel comfortable in Deathmatch, then make the change to Defuse.

Critical Ops Cheats – The Tactics

critical ops hacks

Follow the golden rule – You should know that you’re never alone in Critical Ops. It’s a game for teams, so stay closer to your teammates never go alone in fights.

Reload your gun – Even after a short gun battle, remember to reload your gun. A full mag can make the difference between winning and loosing.

Check the corners – Better safe than dead :). Move through the map slowly, keep an eye on the map radar and learn the best spots for flanking and surprise attacks.

Always aim for the head – Like in any other game headshots do more damage. Shoot your enemy in the head for maximum damage.

Face to face? – When you encounter and enemy face to face use your knife to kill him. Will be more efficient than a gun and should take him down from one hit.

Critical Ops Cheats – Shoot Before Aim!

Like in any other mobile fps games aiming by touching the touchscreen is somewhat tricky. If you are new to this type of games, it may take a while to get used to it. When you’re watching the radar map, pay attention at the red dots, because they show you the enemies positioning. Once you know where your enemies are just immediately tap the shoot button and move the crosshair aim as fast and accurate as possible. You can do the same thing when a enemy player is approaching to you. When aiming then shooting, , chances to end up dead are very high. Shoot before aiming strategy works the best with assault rifles or SMG’s.

Daily Missions

As a Critical Ops player you should remember to always look in the main menu. On the left side of the screen you have a card with Daily Missions. There you will find a number of three missions you need to do every day. Missions will be different from killing an x number of enemies, headshots kills, kills with certain guns, defuses and so on. After completing the grant missions you will receive credits, which will be very useful in the higher levels.

Note: Try to avoid pistols and shotguns when using this trick, and definitely avoid sniper guns.

Still, if you believe you’re fast enough, then begin to aim then shoot. Master this skill and you will beat other players very easily.

Learn the Maps!

In FPS games is important to be as accurate and quick as possible, but the most important thing is to learn the maps. This will give you a massive advantage over the new players and a good ace against the experienced ones. Pleas note, that this will not happen over night. As you keep playing on these maps you will learn their layout, best camp positions and where are the good peak zones to surprise your enemies. That means you will memorize the places from where your enemies can attack, the open areas, camping zones and so on. Remember, you gain experience only by playing daily.

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