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coin master cheats

Coin Master cheats, quick tips and strategy guides on how to get free spins and coins in a legit way. Coin Master is a great and fun game of strategy and chance where you draw the handle on the slot machines to get power-ups and coins as you make an effort to create a thriving city and transform yourself in to the most powerful viking in every the land.

This game has an addictive and simple gameplay created for all ages, from small kids to more experienced gamers. All you need to do is see what you get from the slot machines. Sometimes, you’ll earn coins which you can use to create a powerful and beautiful city to help your kingdom to thrive. Other times, you can assault rival villages, sacking their towns and getting even richer. You can even gather and trade cards with friends and family and discover top secret villages you can go to only when you have enough money in your account. Seek revenge on anyone who raid your city and begin to be a millionaire by spending and keeping your coins wisely.

Coin Master Cheats – Quick Recap of Essential Items

Quick Recap of Essential Items
  • 3 x Hammer – allows you to attack another village and destroy another player buildings.
  • 3 x Shields – gives you one time protection from other playes attacks, you can have up to 3 Shields.
  • 3 x Raid Pigs – allows you to go to the village of someone and steal their treasure.
  • 3 x Coin Pouches – these pouches give you a lot of gold, you can get up to hundreds of thousands of coins from them.
  • 3 x Energy Capsules – gives you 10 more free spins

Coin Master Cheats – Get some Friends Receive Free Gifts

Get some Friends and receive free gifts

The gifts are situated in the menu of Coins Master, just tap the 3 lines from the right and choose Gifts. Here are present three buttons: Free Spins, Free Coins and Cards. There you have the occasion to send one of this gifts to your friends and also receive back from them. You can send to your friends free spins or 10K coins. After your friends gets the gifts, are receiving a notification and, if they choose, can send back gifts to you. This is a Win-Win for both of you.

Promotional videos can bring you Spins

Tap the energy capsule from the righ corner of slot machine. A energy capsule is for free promotional videos ads. This means you will receive 1 free spin if you watch 1 video. If you have some free time you can watch videos to get free spins.

Profit of Exclusive Events and Offers

Coin Master is organizing all the time exclusive events and sometimes give exclusive offers. This promotions give you the chance to win coins and free spins. Also please note that they have a limited time duration. So profit while you cand and dont miss them.

Facebook Give You More Benefits – Connect Your Social Account

coin master facebook cheats

Coin Master is a famous video game because of Facebook, every person who use this social platform connect into his/her account almost every day. During the process of verifying profile and notifications, they get in contact with this game and become addicted to it. Forget Coins Master cheats, get some nice benefits by attaching your Facebook account:

  • 1 million free coins
  • 50 free spins
  • Play with your friends
  • Cloud game saves

So yeah like i said, way better than Coins Master cheats !

Recruit Friends to Get Free Spins

coin master friends cheats

One of the most popular and used methods available. Coin Master let you invite other people to join the game. If they accept your request and start playing Coin Master, you will get 25 free spins. Also you can add them as friends and get even more gifts and spins.

You can receive a lot of spins without Coins Master cheats! Ex: if you invite 5 people, you receive 125 spins. At 50 people invited you already have 1250 spins and so on.

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